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Solo Hiking Quiz 1:
Is This Type Of Hiking
Best For You?

By Diane Spicer

Ready to explore whether solo hiking is for you? Solo hiking quiz 1 is all set!

Jot down your answer to each question.

Scoring directions can be found at the end of the quiz.

And remember! This is all in fun.

  • Nothing scientific or official about it!

Solo Hiking Quiz
Question 1

As a child, I hiked with:

a) family members.

b) organized groups (church, Scouts, camp, etc.)

c) I didn't hike as a child; I started hiking later on.

Solo Hiking Quiz
Question 2

When I enjoy a day hike, I carry:

a) food and water.

b) the ten essentials.

c) the ten essentials, plus hobby equipment (fishing pole, camera, etc.).

Solo Hiking Quiz
Question 3

The last hike I went on was chosen and planned for by:

a) a relative or significant other.

b) a group.

c) me.

Solo Hiking Quiz
Question 4

Each month finds me out on a hiking trail this many hours:

a) between one and five.

b) at least six, up to fifteen.

c) at least fifteen, but closer to twenty five or more.

You're half way through Solo Hiking Quiz 1.

Keep going...

Solo Hiking Quiz
Question 5

How many hiking resources, including books, websites, online forums, magazines, and veteran hikers, do you use for hiking trip planning each month?

a) 0 - 1.

b) 2 - 4.

c) Over 4.

Solo Hiking Quiz
Question 6

When you're hiking with other people, do you ever find yourself yearning for a chance to go at a different pace, or stop and explore, rather than keeping up with the group plans?

a) No, I enjoy every minute of shared trail time.

b) Once in awhile.

c) A lot of times.

Solo Hiking Quiz
Question 7

Which cartoon character do you identify with most?

a) Winne the Pooh, and his band of woodland critters

b) Rocky (a squirrel whose sidekick was a moose)

c) Bugs Bunny (the accent, the carrot, the wisecracks)

Solo Hiking Quiz
Question 8

Which of the following adjectives best completes this sentence about you? "I am a ____________ hiker."

a) happy

b) restless

c) passionate

Now let's figure out
what it all means!

I hope this solo hiking quiz 1 didn't bring back any bad memories of high school :)

The "a's" have it: If you selected mostly "a" answers, you're in the habit of letting trusted authority figures guide your outdoor time (Christopher Robin).

  • You enjoy organized trips with familiar people & friends, and are comfortable with the routine of showing up for hiking trips without investing a lot of time in the planning.
  • You might not have thought much about solo hiking - and yet you took this quiz. Hmmm..... I wonder why?

If "b" popped up as an answer the majority of the time:

  • You enjoy group hiking but perhaps you're getting a little bored by its predictability.
  • You might catch yourself wondering what's over the next ridge, and wishing you had time to explore it.
  • If you're ready for a bit of self-directed adventure, start thinking seriously about how to approach solo hiking from the comfort of your favorite armchair. Quiz Two can help you formulate some ideas.

If you're a "c" kind of hiker, you're ready to "see" the world on your own.

How do I know that?

Because your answers indicate that:
  • You're a self motivated, thoughtful hiker.
  • You don't go with the flow, you take an active interest in directing the flow.
  • You're concerned with safety on the trail, & you devote a significant amount of time to hiking.
  • You just might have an irreverent approach to trail time (hence, Bugs Bunny). So why haven't you taken it up a notch?

Possible explanations: time pressures, lack of training, inadequate or old gear, rusty skills, or fears/anxiety.

Be sure to explore my solo hiking tips thoroughly, looking for ideas on how to tackle these challenges.

There are a zillion miles of trail out there, waiting for your solo boot prints!

There you have it!

So there you have it, the answers and possible things to think about.

It takes all kinds of hikers to make the world go round, and I'm delighted that you stopped by to find out where your comfort zone for solo hiking is.

Happy (maybe solo?) Hiking!

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