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A Solo Hiking Quiz
For You

By Diane Spicer

I'm sure you've taken different types of quizzes, but a solo hiking quiz?

Probably not.

As a former educator, I know my way around quizzes.

You can find out a lot about a person with a few well crafted questions.

Quiz examples

For instance, there's the "let's quickly check your knowledge" quiz:

  • a fast way to know whether or not someone did the homework or read the assigned chapters.

That type of quiz doesn't belong on this page, because I didn't assign any reading! (Unless you asked nicely)

And there's the quiz designed to probe pre-existing knowledge, before learning something new - sort of a quick and dirty knowledge inventory.

That might be a good idea for a hiking website, right?

Sometimes it's fun to tally up your outdoor knowledge, so you can have a solid foundation to use for new learning opportunities.

And sometimes a quiz can shine a light on what needs to be done or learned, before moving on to a new topic.

  • No use investing time and energy into something new, if some of the fundamentals have been skipped.

Solo hiking involves some non-negotiable fundamentals revolving around safety and comfort on the trail.

Another great topic for a quiz!

So let's do it!

I've designed two quizzes, based on what I was thinking about as I wrote the words you just finished.

These quizzes are just for fun, so take them with a light heart:

  • just a way to approach some solo hiking topics in a way you might not have tried before.
Female snowshoer with trekking poles and winter clothing layersWant to go solo? Delve into why you aren't out there already

Solo hiking quiz 1

Quiz One:

The purpose of this quiz is to get you thinking about why you aren't hiking solo.

Some hikers would never want to hike solo, and for any number of good reasons.

Other hikers might be intrigued with the idea, but are held back by time constraints and responsibilities and haven't amassed enough motivation to try it out.

And there are some women who are itching to hike alone, yet they haven't ventured forth.

  • Take the quiz now to figure out which group of hikers you resonate with most strongly.

Solo hiking quiz 2

Quiz Two:

This solo hiking quiz probes your understanding of what it takes when you're in charge of every little detail of safety and comfort.

Use it as a springboard to launch yourself into the fun and rewarding process of becoming a safe solo hiker.

And just so you know...

All quizzes are graded only by your level of comfort on the trail ;)

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Solo Hiking Quiz