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Thorlo Hiking Socks Review:
Best Sock Choice?

By Diane Spicer

Another boring hiking socks review?

No, a Thorlo hiking socks review.

That's a different animal altogether.

Read on for the details...

Disclosure in this Thorlo
hiking socks review

This womens light crew Thorlo hiking socks review is a result of cooperation with SoleLabz.com, where James and his team review some of the best hiking boots and shoes for both men and women.

Full disclosure: SoleLabz supplied the hiking socks, and I wore them in my hiking boots and trail shoes for long enough to be satisfied that I could write a fair and balanced review.

There is no affiliate relationship between SoleLabz and Hiking For Her.

As always, the intent of this socks review is to tell you what works, and what doesn't, about this hiking gear.

Thorlo hiking socks

The things I appreciate about the well established Thorlo company include:

  • how much detail they give about their products, and
  • how they engineer their hiking socks for women as opposed to male hikers.

For example, I can see immediately on the packaging that these socks are meant for dayhikes in mild temperatures and on easy trails.

  • In other words, women who are going to put moderate stress on their feet.
  • And those whose feet hurt during or after hiking.

The package also assures me that these socks contain extra stretch yarn in the ankle, a smaller heel pocket, and a roomy toe box because of the unique dimensions of a female hiker's foot.

Can I just say how refreshing it is that a hiking gear company is actually paying attention to the dimensions of my female foot!?

Thorlo hiking sock package explaining technical design features for wicking and thermoregulation

Thorlo light hiking socks

Dark gray and light gray hiking sockWhat is the mission of a hiking sock?

Seems that a lot of thought has gone into exactly what the purpose of a hiking sock should be, if the extensive descriptions on the package are any indication.

In my mind, I expect my hiking socks to act as:

  • a barrier against trail debris,
  • a wicking layer to absorb sweat from my vulnerable skin,
  • a cushion against friction and to absorb the force of my feet striking the trail, hour after hour,
  • and even as a fashion statement if matching your socks to your boots and hiking clothing is a priority.

That's quite a long list of "must haves" for a humble little hiking sock, wouldn't you agree?

In this Thorlo hiking socks review, let's see how these Thorlos delivered (or not).

Thorlo light hiking socks package

Every sock company has a proprietary blend of fibers to give hiking socks their fit, support and feel.

Thorlo builds this sock from fibers they've trademarked, called THOR-LON and THOR-WICK COOL.

Sounds like the "LON" explains the softness of these socks, while the "WICK" is behind the way my feet stay relatively dry and comfy in my boots.

  • Note that there is no wool in these socks. Merino wool has become an important ingredient in sock design, favored by companies other than Thorlo.
  • If wool is not for you, then take a good look at these socks.

What's that red cross for?

I also noticed a "red cross" with a hiking sock inside of it, right beside the words "padding clinically shown to reduce" followed by a laundry list of perennial hiking foot issues:

  • blisters,
  • pain,
  • pressures,
  • moisture.

That made me curious about exactly what was going on with these claims. After all, you're trusting me to write a thorough Thorlo hiking socks review, right?

A quick trip to their website gave me the answers.

  • Eight independent clinical research studies demonstrated that Thorlo sock padding did indeed reduce those foot issues listed above.
  • A short Thorlo video gave a glimpse of some of the titles of published research articles in peer reviewed journals.
  • Links to the articles are provided.

Do this!

As a general rule, I turn any hiking sock under consideration inside out and study the amount and thickness of the loops (and throw them in the washing machine inside out, too).

Be sure to take a look at the "regions" of the sock to see if the toe seams are flat, the heel and arch are cushioned, and there's enough sock material to stand up to at least one season of hard use.

Also cast your eyes upon the rim of the sock, to look for extra stitching so the sock will hold its shape and not slide down your leg during a hike.

Inside out hiking sock

Because these socks are the "light" version, I went a little easy on my expectations, yet was pleasantly surprised at how much "stuff" went into building the socks.

There are definite "regions", and all of them look chock full of loops and stitching.

I was especially pleased with the arch support, which you can see in the photo above. My arches are what ache the most after a hike!

How did these socks

Now for the meat of this Thorlo hiking socks review.

These socks slid on easily over my liner socks.

They were super soft when I walked around in them at home first, just to be sure they were the right fit.

  • Once I put the liners on, I can't really feel the softness.

They did not sag, bag or slide down my legs no matter how sweaty I became while gaining thousands of feet of elevation (and then, sadly, losing it on the way back to the trailhead).

Hiking sock and hiking shoe from the perspective of your knee

They are a bit tight at the top, due to extra stitching. If you don't like your socks to stay in place (and leave a bit of an indent on your skin after several hours), skip the liner socks if you wish.

  • Read why I never skip liners here.

While I can't attest to the full lifespan of this pair (yet), I know that my other Thorlo hiking socks have been with me for at least 3 hiking seasons per pair.

  • Take these words with a grain of salt or sand or whatever gets into your hiking footwear.
  • I am SUPER hard on my socks, so if I say they last for a few years, that's a minor miracle.
  • If you're less brutal, yours will last longer.

These hiking socks came out of the dryer as fluffy as ever - because I turned them inside out, as recommended.

Here's a heads up: The Thorlo company also recommends the use of fabric softener to "coat" the loops when you wash these socks in warm water .

  • I never use softener, and the socks stay plenty "fluffed up". Probably not quite as fluffy as originally, now that I think about it.
  • But my fluff-o-meter didn't go haywire.

Thorlo hiking socks review
wrap up

I wouldn't use these socks for anything other than their intended use: a pleasant dayhike in dry, moderately warm conditions.

There's plenty of cushioning for an 8 mile hike carrying a light pack without any wind, rain or snow in the equation.

The cushioning does seem to help prevent the inevitable "sore feet" syndrome after a moderate hike.

  • Whether that's in my mind, or due to the socks' thoughtful cushioning, I can't say.

As far as these socks keeping my feet cool, not so much.

But then I've never had a pair of socks do that to any degree.

Once my feet get sweaty, it's tough to keep them cool without a plunge into an icy stream.

To sum up this Thorlo hiking socks review (thanks for hanging in there with me), I have no hesitation recommending this company's socks, whether for hiking or any other outdoor activity.

Especially in light of their guarantee:

"Your hiking feet will feel better or your money back."

And here's a tip:

Sometimes Thorlo runs a "4 for the price of 3" special, so keep checking their website (link above).

Does 4 pairs of hiking socks at one go sound excessive?

  • Not if you're hooked on this hiking thing!
  • A fresh pair of socks after a few days on the trail is a thing of beauty.

The best hiking socks need to be part of your mission as a hiker: to keep your feet happy, no matter what.

Investing in the right socks for your trail footwear is such a smart move!

And one more thing:

These socks are the perfect match (in design as well as color) for the Salomon trail shoes I'm wearing.

Read my review of the shoes to see if they'd work with these socks for your style of hiking.

Turned down hiking sock inside a trail shoe

Any unanswered questions I can answer for you, about these socks or anything else hiking related?

  • Send me your question. I answer every email I receive!

For more Hiking For Her hiking gear reviews, go here.

Want your own Thorlo hiking socks?

If you purchase socks using the links above, Hiking For Her receives a tiny amount of money without increasing your purchase price. That keeps us both in the business of hiking!

Thanks for being thoughtful about what you put on your feet. It makes your trail time so much more enjoyable, and extends your hiking options.

And thanks for reading this Thorlo hiking socks review! May it lead to the best hiking socks for your trail needs.

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