Women have the best options, vs men

Being a working man, I've always worn strong pants to work and play in.
While hiking in Costa Rica, found the cotton bluejeans a no no, they do not dry in the humid weather. I had a pair of short nylon shorts and they worked well.
We hiked the Grand Canyon with nylon pants, light weight but did not breath well, even with zip vents. I watched a young lady hiking out of the canyon in a light weight above knee skirt and thought, that a skirt and a pair of insulating tights would be the ticket.

For men, about the closest a man can get is a kilt which tend to have a lot of material making them heavy.

How do you, the hiking women of the world, feel about the idea of hiking men wearing skirts of one sort or another.

I can imagine the advantage for women is definitely the rest stops.

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Men on Trails in Skirts
by: Diane

What do you say, trail sisters?
Yes -or- No -or Maybe?
Let's hear from you!

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