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Best Hiking Infographics:
Fun Collection Of
Essential Tips For Hikers

By Diane Spicer

Searching for the best hiking infographics? Hiking For Her has a collection of them for you. #hikinginfographics #bestinfographics #hikingtips #hiking #backpacking #takeahike

Are you looking for the best hiking infographics?

Well, what do you know?

You found some!

These visual summaries of tips you can use on your next hike are fun to look at, and make a great resource when you pin them to your Pinterest boards.

Hiking For Her has gathered together all of the infographics on this website, and organized them into categories for you, right here on this page.



Each infographic links to a Hiking For Her page overflowing with tips and trail wisdom.

  • One click and you're there! (too bad that doesn't work on the trail, right?)

Best hiking infographics
on nutrition for hikers

Hiking nutrition starts with figuring out what to eat on a hike, and takes you through all of the ways food is your ally as a hiker.

As an endurance athlete a.k.a. as a hiker, you need the right fuel in the right amounts, whether you're on a day hike or tackling a multiday backpacking trip.

These infographics give you the basics.

Click on each one to find detailed tips you can use for planning your next outdoor adventure!

Wondering what to eat on a hike? This Hiking For Her infographic solves the puzzle. #hikingfood #eatonahike #hikingsnacks #hiking #backpacking #hikinginfographic

When you choose food to toss into your backpack, make sure every calorie counts toward giving you energy, endurance, and the ability to tackle elevation gains.

Every hiker's body has a unique biochemical profile, so keep track of what works best for you.

Don't be afraid to mix things up now and then to see if you can get even more energy for the trail from what you're eating.

What you eat on a hike matters. This Hiking For Her infographic explains why. #hikinginfographic #hikingfood #eatonahike #trailsnacks #hiking #backpackingtips
Hiking snacks infographic

Best hiking infographics
for backpacking food

Here's an example of fast, easy to use backpacking food ideas, featuring the letter H (shades of Sesame Street!).

To get more ABCs on unique and nutritious backpacking food, click the infographic.

Backpacking food doesn't need to be bland and boring. This Hiking For Her infographic gives you hints. #hikinginfographic #backpackingfood #backpacking #trailfood #hiking

Tweak your mood with your hiking food!

See if you've ever experienced these issues on the trail, and try the tips to feel your best on a hike.

Clicking on the infographic will take you to a universe of hiking food tips.

Your mood on a hike and the food you eat are related. Hiking For Her's infographic explains. #hikinginfographic #hikingfood #eatonahike #hiking #backpackingfood #yourbesthike

Best hiking infographics
on safety tips

Some food makes a great dayhike lunch, with no worries about it spoiling before you reach your intended lunch spot.

Other foods, like mayonnaise and meat, could pose a problem for a dayhiker.

These tips help you plan a safe day hike lunch.

Keep food safe from high temperatures on a day hike with this infographic from Hiking For Her. #hikinginfographic #foodsafety #eatonahike #dayhikefood #trailfoodtips #hiking

A lightning storm is nothing you ever want to hike in.

But if you're caught out in a thunderstorm, knowing what to do is vital to your safety as a hiker. 

This infographic details how to deal with the boom and flash.

Lightning safety tips for hikers, in a handy infographic from Hiking For Her #lightningsafetytips #hikinginfographic #hikingsafety #hiking #backpacking #outdoorsafety

Wood ticks.

Yuck, right?

Crawly, blood sucking annoyance - and potential health hazard.

These tick safety tips help you keep yourself and your trail companions safe.

Avoid and deal with tick bites on a hike with this hiking safety infographic from Hiking For Her #tickbites #hikinginfographic #hikingsafety #outdoorsafety #avoidticks #backpacking

Worried about falling on a hike? It's normal to doubt your footing sometimes. These tips will help you stay upright on the trail.

Avoid falling on a hike with tips from Hiking For Her. #safehiking #fallsonahike #hikingforher #hikinginfographic

Best hiking infographics
for cold weather hiking

Don't let cold weather stop you from hitting the trail.

We all suffer from the cold on a hike, but there are things you can do to take good care of yourself when the trail is chilly.

For some of us, it's cold hands that are a potential deal breaker.

Let's arm you with some solid tips to prevent cold hands as a hiker.

Hiking infographic on how to keep your hands warm on a cold weather hike from Hiking For Her #coldhands #hikinginfographic #hikingtips #backpackingtips #keephandswarm

For other female hikers, cold feet are the worst thing imaginable! 

Let's flip that around by sharing these tips to keep your feet toasty and happy inside your hiking boots.

Hiking infographic on how to keep feet warm on a hike from Hiking For Her #hikinginfographic #warmfeetonhike #hikingtips #backpacking #outdoorsafety #staywarm

Don't be a victim of cold temperature hazards like frozen fingers or toes. 

Be a smart, prepared hiker with these frostbite prevention tips when you head out into cold weather.

Frostbite prevention tips for hikers in Hiking For Her's infographic #frostbite #preventfrostbite #hikinginfographic #outdoorsafety #coldweatherhiking #hikingtips #backpackingtips #hikingforher

Best hiking infographics
for beginner hikers

We all start as beginners, and on every hike we build on a hopefully solid foundation until we are confident and smart women hikers.

You can start building that foundation with Hiking For Her's essential beginner hiking tips.

Hiking infographic from Hiking For Her with essential tips for beginner hikers #hikinginfographic #hikingessentials #beginnerhikertips #hikingtips #hike

Beginner day hikers need lots of tips to shorten up the learning curve. 

Here are five more important hiking tips so you can enjoy your hike.

  • Clicking on the infographic whisks you to a page bursting with the best dayhike tips you can put to use next time you lace up your boots.
5 trail tips for beginner hikers in an infographic from Hiking For Her #beginnerhiker #hikinginfographic #hikingtips #hike #yourbesthike

Here's a hot topic: what to wear on a hike.

Cute hiking outfits and high performance hiking clothing can be one and the same thing, if you know what to look for when you shop for athletic and outdoor clothes.

These tips will get you started, and this infographic takes you to lots more information!

Infographic on what to wear hiking

And every hiker eventually comes to realize that dressing in layers is the best way to stay comfortable, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

This is a nice summary of a hiking clothing layering system.

Dress in layers for a hike and stay comfortable and safe. #hikinglayers #hikinginfographic #layeringsystemforhikers #hikingforher

Not sure what hiking boot lingo means?

This infographic on the difference between hiking boots, winter boots, and winter hiking boots will help.

What is the difference between hiking boots, winter boots and winter hiking boots? Infographic from Hiking For Her explains what to look for. #hikinginfographic #hikingboots #hikingwinterboots #winterboots #hikingforher

Best hiking infographics
for benefits of hiking

Hikers hike for sheer enjoyment.

Yet we reap lots of benefits by hitting the trail. 

This infographic sums it up, with answers to the question you might have gotten already from non-hikers: why hike?

And it takes you to an entire page of additional information about why hiking is a smart move at any age.

Benefits of hiking infographic from Hiking For Her #hikinginfographic #benefitsofhiking #whyhike #hiking #backpacking #whyhike

Get or stay in shape for hiking
with these tips

Build a weekly routine that pays huge benefits on the trail in terms of strength, flexibility, and endurance.

How to get in (better) shape for hiking infographic #getinshape #trainforhiking #hikerworkout #hikingforher

Shorten the amount of time you spend limping around on stiff, sore legs after a hike with these tips.

Keep sore, stiff muscles to a minimum with Hiking For Her's tips on post hike recovery. #hikinginfographic #posthikesoreness #soremuscleshiking #hikingselfcare #hikingforher

Take care of your feet, no matter what.

They carry you to and from the trailhead, go mile after mile to accomplish your hiking goals, and usually don't complain much.

These tips will keep them happy.

Take care of your feet with these Hiking For Her tips. #hikingfootcare #footcareforhikers #hikingforher

Sometimes you have to deal with toe problems as a hiker. Here's how:

Toe problems after a hike? This Hiking For Her infographic helps with the most common foot problems for hikers. #hikinginfographic #toeproblems #hiking #backpacking #hikingforher

Lots more best hiking infographics to come! 

It's fun to create these infographics, and when time permits, more of them will be added to this page.

Bookmark, and check back!

You can also check the Hiking For Her Pinterest boards to keep current.

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