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Fall Color Hikes Washington
Book Review

By Diane Spicer

Looking for great fall foliage hikes in Washington State? Read Hiking For Her's review of Fall Color Hikes Washington. #hikingbookreview #fallhiking #foliagehikes #autumnhikes #hikingforher

Welcome to this Fall Color Hikes Washington book review.

Here are the quick details on the book:

  • Written by Tami Asars, a seasoned hiker.
  • Released in August 2022.

This hiking guide caters to Washington State hikers who seek enchanting color displays from autumn trails, especially from the big leaf maples, cottonwoods, larches, and huckleberries common to the area.

This book also makes a good planning tool for any hiker who has fall Washington hikes on her bucket list.

Disclosures in this
Fall Color Hikes Washington book review

I received a free copy of this 240 page paperback book from the publisher, Mountaineers Books, and agreed to share my thoughts with you.

You should know that this Fall Color Hikes Washington book review is unpaid but biased.

By that, I mean I've hiked nearly all of the 45 hikes in this guide book, and enjoyed all eight scenic drives listed.

Many of them, more than once!

So I have insider knowledge of the trails and destinations, which colors my review.

  •  Now you know!

Fall Color Hikes Washington book review:
the book layout

A hiking guidebook should be a quick in-and-out resource once you select a hike.

That's why the layout is so important.

Beginning at the beginning, the Table of Contents:

  • A state overview map of the hikes
  • An introduction to autumn landscapes
  • A quick "how to use this book" section
  • A map legend for interpretation of the hike information
  • Multiple sections of hikes from various sections of Washington, beginning with Mount Baker in the north and finishing up at Mount Rainier in the south
  • Eight scenic drives overview map and descriptions

As you would expect, there are also fall hiking resources listed along with a handy index.

You can do a "Look Inside" at Amazon for more details.

Trail Tip

Don't skip the Introduction to Autumn Landscapes.

The author gives succinct descriptions of the various passes, fees and permits you will need to park at trailheads and to use public land.

Interesting bonuses in this book

The author includes a 4 page fall foliage photography guide.

  • This is important if you're not used to low light levels when documenting your hikes.

She also shares fall hiking tips for safety and comfort on short, cool day hikes.

Fall Color Hikes Washington:
Hiking For Her's opinion

I'll take you through the elements of one hike description to give you a sense of what to expect in this hiking guidebook.

I picked one of my favorite fall hikes, the Maple Pass Loop/Lake Ann hike in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

All of the hike stats are upfront, making it easy to assess if this hike is at your hiking level or not:

  • Distance
  • Elevation gain
  • High point
  • Difficulty rating

Note that what is "moderate" for a seasoned hiker may be quite challenging for a beginner hiker.

Also note that fall hiking means fewer daylight hours, so your personal pace is a factor.

Navigation and compliance information

Pay attention to this information for navigation and compliance with the law:

  • GPS coordinates
  • Maps
  • Passes required
  • Dog and kid friendly (or not)

A bit of foresight will save disappointment and mistakes on the trail.

The real payoff

There are foliage lists for the hike, making it easy to appreciate the colors you are enjoying on this spectacular hike.

Her full color photography is drool worthy.

It's why you're out there!

So soak up these images.

Trail Tip

Always pay attention to any "extra" information a guidebook shares, but be prepared to verify up-to-date details.

For this hike, she shares which way to start the loop.

She also mentions that trailhead parking can be difficult, with access road closed seasonally.

Good tips!

Fall hiking conditions can be tricky

This book does its best to share with you what fall hiking throughout Washington State will be like.

You will need to add some clothing and equipment to your daypack, as the author recommends.

Always check current conditions before leaving for a hike, including weather and road conditions.

One thing the book doesn't mention is the unfortunate new normal of fall hiking: wildfires and smoke.

Who will enjoy this book

This hiking guide caters to several types of hikers.

Dayhikers will enjoy the cooler fall weather and beautiful fall foliage found in all regions of the State of Washington.

Weekend backpackers, same, as long as weather and fire danger is taken into consideration when choosing a destination.

Hikers who may not be able to hike (injury, illness, other constraints) can still make the most of this book by exploring the 8 scenic drives, all with viewing points.

This book makes a thoughtful and appreciated gift for hikers who are new to the state, or new to hiking.

And if you're getting started on next year's "must do" hike list, this book is a gem for fall hiking plans.

Fall colors along hiking trailFall color includes ground level hues. Love those bracken and huckleberries!

A few notes on how to use this book

You hold in your hands a well researched, fact filled resource with step by step directions to trailheads and detailed hike statistics.

I have a few suggestions about using this book to best advantage as a hiker.

Always approach these numbers in any hiking guidebook with caution:

  • Mileage
  • Elevation gain/loss
  • Difficulty rating

The author did her best to give accurate figures and to qualify her difficulty ratings.

  • Always add a small fudge factor (time cushion) to these numbers until you've done the hike for yourself.

Don't use the topographic map inserts for real life navigation.

  • They are provided to give you an overview of the terrain surrounding a particular trail, not as reliable guides to your hour by hour trail experience.

Trail Tip

Don't be afraid to write in this book.

If you track your mileage and elevation, make notes for next time.

Also note your assessment of the difficulty level.

Fall Color Hikes Washington book review

This book is well researched.

  • Her factual information and subjective descriptions matched my own personal experiences on these trails and scenic drives.

Here's a wonderful thing about this guidebook: the tips shared by this seasoned hiker will shorten your learning curve for fall hiking.

  • You're hiking with knowledge from a seasoned hiker, an advantage you should not take lightly.

The photographs are worth the price of the book.

  • Enjoy glimpses of gorgeous peaks and color saturated foliage which appear (briefly) once per year.

This is a great book to pour over during winter, with a pen and paper (old school but effective) in hand.

  • Use it to plan a fall multi-day hiking trip through the great state of Washington, when trails and roads are less busy.

Now what are you waiting for?

Grab copies for your hiking bookshelf, your favorite trail buddy, and anyone planning to visit Washington next fall.

Thanks to Mountaineers Books for sharing a copy with me.

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