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Backpacking Nutrition Tips: Best Ways To Stay Strong
On The Trail

Backpacking nutrition tips, eh?

You must be planning a backpacking trip.

  • Lucky you!

And you're being smart about backpacking nutrition, because you want to enjoy yourself without returning home an empty wreck of your former self.

You're in the right place.

Start with this idea
for your backpacking menu

Backpacking means you're restricted on how much weight you can carry for your food.

You'll also need to have regular surface water sources, because you don't want the unwelcome burden of lugging around liters of water for food preparation.

This all adds up to the sometimes unpleasant task of having to pre-calculate your food calories, nutrient density, and weight.

Here's an easy way to do that: use the Hiking For Her Fast Facts booklet.

It steps you through exactly how to figure all of this out, and leaves you with a solid backpacking food plan.

Backpacking nutrition tips:
easy does it

The best backpacking nutrition tips should also be easy.

  • Easy on your budget.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Easy on your stomach.

Here are some of the best ideas for ways to stay strong and well on the trail.

Use the ABC approach
to great backpacking nutition!

As you plan your backpacking menu, use the ABC method to make sure all of your nutrients and taste preferences are covered.

Here's one way to start:

Backpacking food ABC's start with apricots, amaranth, allspice and aminos for great trail nutrition

Bookmark this page for additions to the list!

  • Always something unusual and unique here for you, and that's a promise.
The best backpacking food ideas jazz up your trail menu and provide lots of nutrients. Use these backpacking food tips from Hiking For Her to plan your next hiking trip. #backpacking  #hikingfood

Use high quality freeze dried entrées to save time

If you have a bit more money than time, skip a lot of the backpacking food preparation work and carry lightweight, pre-packaged entrées for dinner.

Here's where to start:

NOTE: If you've got a gluten intolerance or outright allergy, you need to step up your game a bit.

Rice is a great choice,
but make it a smart choice

Rice has been a staple in backpacking food menus for decades, as well as a global food source for millennia.

But not all rice works for you on the trail.

  • Read this for how to choose the best rice for your hiking trip.
Choose and prepare your backpacking rice meals carefully, using these tips from Hiking For Her. #backpacking  #backpackingfood #hiking #hikingforhertips

Lots more coming soon

Thanks for stopping by!

This page is just getting started with offering you the best nutrition tips for your backpacking plans.

  • Hiking For Her is always learning, experimenting, and dreaming up new ways to sneak both flavor and nutrients into a hiking menu.

If you need a few ideas for getting started with some solid backpacking food ideas, try this.

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Backpacking Nutrition Tips

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