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Title Nine Hiking
Clothing Review:
Is It A Good Fit For The Trail?

By Diane Spicer

Hiking For Her reviews a shirt and shorts from TitleNine. Is this hiking clothing trail worthy? #hikingforherreview #TitleNineclothing #hikingclothing #hikingshirt #hikingshorts #hiking #backpacking

This Title Nine hiking clothing review was written to give you the details on a shirt and shorts combo for female hikers.

The question:

Is this clothing suitable for the trail?

Before we answer that question, a few disclosures.

The hiking apparel was received free of charge from Title Nine.

All of the comments and opinions in this Title Nine hiking clothing review belong to Hiking For Her.

HFH is not a Title Nine affiliate.

Now let's start answering that question!

The clothing in this
Title Nine hiking clothing review

I demand high performance from my hiking outfits, and I'm willing to bet you do, too.

That's why every Hiking For Her review starts off with the down and dirty details on materials and design.

This one is no different, so let's get to it.

Title Nine Vibe tank top

The fabric in this shirt is 82% poly/14% cotton/4% spandex, with something called drirelease (for faster drying), a registered trademark of Optimer Brands.

This Title Nine hiking tank top is available in sizes XS - XL.

It promises a lot for $29 (US):

  • relaxed neckline
  • moisture wicking
  • fast drying
  • softness
  • easy care wash 'n wear
  • seven color choices (plus two kicky prints); "Wellington blue" is what you see here

Trail performance

Now that we've got a clear picture of what this hiking clothing offers, let's set the scene for the review.

Ideal trail conditions for shorts and a sleeveless shirt:

  • warm to hot weather with a dry forecast. 

Luckily, along came an 83F day in May, which is a weirdly hot day in the Pacific NW.

Perfect for testing the moisture wicking, breathability and comfort levels of this cute hiking outfit! 


The shorts hit just above the knee (11 inch inseam on a 5'3' frame), which makes sense for hiking through brushy areas or doing a lot of uphill work.

  • If you stick to well established trails, the shorter length would work well for you, too.
Female hiker on the trail with backpack, dressed for warm weather hikingWhew! A bit of shade on a hot day. Notice the contour of the sleeveless arm openings - great ventilation but adequate coverage under my backpack straps.

The shorts are what I would call mid-weight

  • The weight is important to me as a hiker, because it dictates what I am willing to do while wearing them on a trail.

I didn't hesitate to plop down on a granite boulder and rest against it, wearing this hiking clothing.

I also splashed through a creek and got the bottom of these shorts wet - and I learned that they dry quickly on a warm day!

These high quality, well constructed shorts handled the sweating, the dirt, the motions every hiker makes on the trail, and managed to look good at the end of the hike.


Tank top

The sleeveless Vibe shirt has a generous under arm cut, providing plenty of freedom for putting on a backpack, using trekking poles, or reaching for a handhold on a steep trail section.

Although my back and neck got sweaty (per usual on a hike), the shirt sopped up the moisture so I didn't feel clammy when I was in the shade (a notorious flaw in regular cotton shirts).

And I noticed that after lunch, the shirt was dry already - comfortably ready for the trek back to the trailhead.

What I really loved about the shorts

The plethora of pockets!!

Two pockets sitting at the waistline are rather shallow, just right for a few energy chews to pop into your mouth, or your SPF 30 lip balm.

The front thigh pockets are cargo style, nicely tailored and roomy enough for car keys or a snack.

  • Nice touch: a slightly longer tab gives you a good grip to flip open the pocket.
  • They lock down tightly with a snap, to prevent you from losing anything important when you bend over.

The back pockets are smaller than the thigh pockets, but plenty big enough for whatever you prefer to stash back there.

  • They also feature the same handy tabs.

What I loved about the shirt

The Vibe tank top felt buttery soft against my skin, which is welcome when I'm sweating buckets and want to avoid chafing.

The neckline was just right under my backpack, not too revealing when bending over, and not binding.

The longer contours of the shirt protected my waistline from any rubbing from my backpack's hip belt - no riding up while walking, either.

And such a pretty color!

  • And after the hike, it came out of the dryer just as pretty. Truly wash 'n wear hiking clothes!

A note or two about sizing

We all have unique preferences, not to mention contours. 

Because these clothes are designed and tested by women, you won't run into some of the usual sizing issues.

In my experience, both the shirt and shorts run true to size, but be sure to take a close look at the Title Nine sizing chart before you order.

I offer a few additional notes about sizing in this Title Nine hiking clothing review to help you figure out if this is the right trailwear for your next hike.

Shirt sizing

Heads up: The arm holes on the shirt have a generous cut.

I love the freedom that gives me, but you might think it gapes a bit.

  • If you're wearing a sports bra, I don't think you will have any modesty issues, but I included photos of me in the shirt so you can judge for yourself how much shoulder and back skin is exposed.
Sleeveless freedom of motion

Hiking shorts fit

If you prefer looser clothing for hot weather hiking conditions, consider going up one size.

These shorts have a fitted feel that might be too binding in your regular size for sweaty legs working hard on a hike.

Because I like my hiking clothing on the roomy side, I went up a size and  was quite satisfied with the fit of the waistband and leg room.

  • Plenty of room, but not baggy
  • A pair of thin tights underneath can bring these shorts into cooler hiking weather, too

If in doubt...

Read the thorough reviews left by customers on the easy-to-navigate Title Nine website.

Each reviewer not only shares her experience with the clothing, but also lets you know whether or not her experience might fit your situation by revealing:

  • body shape
  • height
  • size ordered
  • bottom line (from her unique perspective)

So helpful!

Great guarantee

Title Nine stands behind their clothing to give you the feel and fit you're looking for as a hiker.

Love that amazing guarantee!

Your new sports bra headquarters!

Under that comfy, moisture wicking shirt you're going to need an equally comfy, moisture wicking bra.

Title Nine offers you lots of options for that unicorn called "comfortable, high performance sports bra".

Title Nine
hiking clothing review conclusions

Female hiker with backpack on trail against a backdrop of bushes and large treesStay cool, protected and happy on the trail!

It's tough to find the right combination of hiking shorts that can stand up to trail grit paired with a high performance wicking shirt that feels good.

But this combo nails it.

Title Nine offers you highly suitable clothing for your next warm weather hike, for all sorts of reasons: moisture wicking and fast dry fabrics, comfortable fit, nice details...

But why save it for hiking days? 

This pairing of shirt + shorts is going to be pressed into service for trips to the grocery store, leisure time at my favorite coffee shop, and daily neighborhood walks.

  • Because comfort and sporty style make daily life better, right?

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Title Nine Hiking Clothing Review: Shirt + Shorts