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Best Destinations For Hikers?
That Depends On You!

By Diane Spicer

Looking for the best hiking destinations? Hiking For Her has some fantastic suggestions for you. #hiking #backpacking #hikingtrails

Get a bunch of hikers together and what's one of the first things they talk about?

  • The best destinations for hikers

It's fun to swap stories about the best hiking trails, the perfect spots to pitch a tent, and next year's amazing hiking destinations.

Every hiker has her own personal take on the best destinations for hikers.

Welcome to mine!

Best destinations for hikers?
Who are we talking about?

I've been to some pretty remote hiking destinations.


Because that's the type of hiking I prefer: wild, rugged, mountainous, and hard to get to.

I'm willing to invest a few days in steadily harder travel in order to get what I want:

  • solitude
  • peacefulness
  • unspoiled landscapes

In exchange, I'm willing to take some risks with wildlife encounters, weather and navigational challenges.

If that's the style of hiking you're keen to experience, use these links to read descriptions of some of my hiking trips.

Added bonus of backcountry travel

These types of hiking trips give you an opportunity to experience unique outdoor adventures, including:

ANWR grass covered mountain top with snow covered mountain range in the distance, as viewed by a female hikerImagine yourself with miles and miles of exploration in front of you!

Want to really go off the map?

Then Greenland hiking is for you!

  • Read my East Greenland hiking trip experience here
Ice floes and steep rugged mountains in East GreenlandEast Greenland is sculpted by ice and wind

Front country hiking destinations

Not really interested in dropping off the map and spending weeks at a time exploring the backcountry?

Then my recommendation is to explore some of the best destinations for hikers in the Pacific Northwest.

  • The incredible diversity of terrain and the accessibility of trail heads makes this a smorgasbord of boundless options.

Get started with my personal take on this gorgeous corner of the United States:

Majestic Mount Rainier's snow covered flanksThere she is, big beautiful Mount Rainier, just waiting for your hiking boots!

The diversity of wildlife is also a big draw for Mt. Rainier day hiking.

  • marmots
  • mountain goats
  • raptors
  • black bear
  • deer
  • striped ground squirrels

More options for fantastic
hiking destinations

I am always careful to recommend only what I know to be a good experience.

So while I haven't hiked everywhere (yet), I can confidently assure you that these areas also make great destinations for hiking:

Female hiker taking a photo of a Mount Robson from Kinney LakeCareful! You might get a crink in your neck from staring up at gorgeous Mount Robson!

The best destinations for hikers
-insert your photo here-

This entire website is built around one idea: making you the most confident, safe and smart hiker you can be.

Now you have some hiking destinations to consider, with detailed information to get your planning started.

Just in case you haven't found these pages yet, here is a short list of additional hiking resources you can use when planning your trip to the best destinations:

Lots more hiking topics to explore!

Use the search box on the bottom of every page, highlighted in bright green.

Just pop in a word, and a list of Hiking For Her pages will appear.

  • Might as well use the magic of electrons, right?

Still here?!

I thought you'd have grabbed your pack and headed for some of these best hiking destinations by now ;)

As always, I'm available for a quick question to get you sorted and on your way.

Or if you'd like some support and encouragement as you plan a big hiking trip, or want to conquer an ambitious hiking goal this year, check out how I can help.

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