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Best Discount Hiking Gear For Dayhiking And Backpacking

A great deal on hiking gear makes the trail just that much sweeter. Use Hiking For Her's best discount hiking gear brands for high performance deals. #hikinggear #geardiscounts #backpackinggear

As a discount hiking gear connoisseur, you've come to this page because you're hunting for a bargain on gear.

  • The best discount backpacking gear makes your grin just a little broader.

Or you need a new piece of gear without overpaying for it: cheap gear that will get you started as a beginner hiker.

Maybe you have to send your kids off to summer camp and they need a whole long list of hiking gear - you need budget hiking gear.

Or could it be that you just like to drool over hiking gear bargains? I'm with you on that one!

Regardless of what brought you to this page, there are a few things you should know before you make a gear purchase.

How to find great deals on hiking gear is an art (selecting quality gear over cheap gear) AND a science (knowing what quality looks like).

by Diane Spicer

General advice on hunting for
hiking gear bargains

Discount hiking gear searchers, heed this quote:

"You get what you pay for."

That was the bad news.

Now for a dose of good news.

As a savvy hiker, there are ways to bend that little piece of truth, if you know how to approach buying discount hiking gear in a realistic fashion.

So let's be realists, shall we?

I'll take you through my 3 Foolproof Rules of hunting for fairly priced, high quality hiking discount gear, and you can decide if they are going to work for you.

Or not.

Three foolproof rules
for buying
discount hiking gear

Only three?

Yes, simplicity rules at Hiking For Her.

Rule #1

Know your expectations for this piece of gear. Then set your "best price" accordingly.

Here's what I mean in a nutshell:

a) Assess what level of hiking you do currently: armchair fantasizer, newbie, fair weather only, moderate, all seasons, long distance junkie, extreme, or whatever best describes you.

b) Decide how much wear and tear you'll be inflicting upon this particular piece of discount hiking gear.

  • A few hikes per year in dry ideal conditions?
  • Every weekend regardless of moisture or temperature levels?

c) Determine what you can afford to pay for this gear.

  • You should have a firm top and a bottom number before you go searching. 

Rule #2

Research the features and benefits of the item you're seeking before you purchase, so you get exactly what you need.

In other words, don't be swayed by hype or glossy photographs, or this season's new colors.

  • You don't need the gear that world class mountaineers use, so endorsements by Ed Viesturs (for Eddie Bauer) or someone else famous shouldn't impress you!
  • Unless you're planning to go where they go ;)

Read through my webpages describing the gear you need.

Forget "want" right now, if you're looking to get a basic set of discount hiking gear that will keep you safe and comfortable on the trail.

Once you've got a few seasons of hiking under your backpacking belt, you can branch out into "wants" and "must haves"!

Rule #3

Stick to reputable sellers.

Over the years, I've generated a short "tried and true" list of discount hiking gear suppliers.

But wait! you ask: How did I come up with this list?

I ordered from them, did not receive nasty shocks or surprises in terms of when and/or what I received, and I felt the return/exchange policy was fair for the price I paid.

Plus, they stick with high quality brands that deliver the goods year after year.

Hiking For Her's tried and true
gear shopping list

Ready for a whirlwind tour of the best discount hiking gear companies?

Each of them has advantages and drawbacks, and I'll be careful to outline all of it for you.

Read on!


You don't have to be planning a trip into the backcountry to take advantage of the discounts on top brands here.

Backcountry has a continuous stream of great deals for you, year round.

Which is a good hint: visit this site during the off season, too.

The Clymb

Not just for climbers!!

In fact, if you're interested in outdoor activities year round, this is the place to get discounts up to 70% on top brand names and high quality offerings.

The Clymb outdoor gear changes daily, so visit often if you're stalking a particular piece of hiking gear.

Downside: They may not have what you want, which is why you should bookmark them and visit often when you're on the prowl for a specific item.

Steep And Cheap

Yup, pretty much like it sounds.

Go to Steepandcheap when you're in the mood to find treasure.

They carry top brands, and if you like riding on a carousel (every second seems different), this is the discount hiking gear source for you!

Some of their discounts are absolutely eye popping - and can also make you cry if your size is unavailable.

But when you find THE perfect hiking clothing or gear, you will have a huge grin on your face!

Mountain Gear

Mountain Gear carries an impressive hodgepodge of hiking gear, as well as clothing, that you should take a few minutes hours to look through.

When an item is discounted, a big black line goes through the original price and you can see the lower price listed in red, making it easy to spot eye popping gear bargains.

Be sure to check out the separate "sale" portion of their website as well.

If you hit a certain dollar amount, shipping will be free.

Outdoor Play

What a great name, right?

This company also covers water sports, so if you're into hiking plus kayaking, river rafting or packrafting, be sure to check them out.

  • Really eye popping deals each season, so be sure to check back often.

Hiking gear cooperatives:
U.S. & Canada

REI is a member-owned gear co-op, originating in my home town, Seattle USA. I've been a member since 1977!!

Make a beeline for the REI Outlet.

  • Meaning lots of discounts and sales on gear that for one reason or another hasn't sold out yet but needs to move out of inventory to make room for the next wave of gear.

Caution: Sometimes the prices are beat elsewhere (see discount hiking gear stores listed above).

But what you can't beat iREI Co-op's customer service and return policies - they always stand behind what they sell.

If you have an REI store in your town, simply walk in and return or exchange there.

And as a co-op member, you receive a rebate each year (generally around 10% in late February), tied to the amount you purchase.

  • That's my favorite time of the hiking year - picking out new gear with my rebate because I bought hiking gear last year!

Add all of those perks together, and making REI your first stop for discount hiking gear is a very smart move.

Another gear co-op

Mountain Equipment Coop is another gear co-op that takes outdoor gear seriously.

I'm a member because they carry gear I can't readily find in the U.S., and they're fun people to deal with.

They have 50% clearance events at the turn of the seasons, so don't count them out just because you have to be a member!

They also have lots of pro tips and great outdoor photos on their website.

General tips for
discount gear buying

Watch out! If you sign up for email notifications from all of these companies, your in box is going to overflow.

My advice is to be selective - only do two or three at a time until you find the ones you rely on most heavily.

  • Or maybe you like spending hours reading emails??
  • Of course, you can just scan for "free shipping", right?

Avoid being sucked in by a low, low price. If the hiking gear isn't what you really need, even a bargain won't make it useful to you on a hiking trail.

One more tip

Always keep the tags from a new piece of gear.

  • Create a folder for them. They're invaluable when you want to replace a pack or pair of boots - you already know the features that worked well for you last time.
  • It works the other way, too: if the gear didn't work out, you can make notes on the tags and avoid this particular item in the future.

Now what?

Now get on out there and use all of that hiking gear!

Find yourself a big tree to hug, or a hill to climb, or whatever says HIKING ADVENTURE to you!

Huge cedar tree with female hiker standing at its base for scaleFinding the best discount hiking gear might seem like a tall order! But now you know a few secrets.

And don't forget the return/exchange policies you can use if your gear isn't working out.

That's why you buy from reputable discount hiking gear dealers like the ones I use, right?

If you're really serious about tracking the best deals, sign up for the Hiking For Her weekly updates. I do all of the tracking for you, and deliver it to your inbox each week.

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