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Best Answers To The Question
Why Winter Hike!

By Diane Spicer

Try winter hiking and discover 8 great reasons to enjoy cold weather hikes #winterhiking #coldweatherhikes #hiking #whywinterhike #hikingforher

A lot of people ask me: Why winter hike?

My reply?

Why not!!

Yes, it's true that winter hiking demands more from your body.

It also requires a lot more preparation with your gear, your clothing, and your attitude.

But the rewards are huge.

Just want the winter hiking tips?

Here they are! Enjoy :)

Not sure what I mean?

You may never have considered going on a hike when snow covers the ground or the weather is less than ideal.

Let me share with you 8 great things to love about winter hiking, in no particular order.

I'll also share some tips to make your winter outdoor adventures safe and enjoyable, starting with this snowshoeing guide.

Why winter hike,
in 8 part harmony

Winter hiking on snow means you can sail over the rocks, debris piles and even the tops of trees! Need more reasons for a winter hike?

While it's true that you can sail over rock piles covered by snow, you're going to have to rely upon your navigation skills.

Get some insight into staying safe and un-lost here.

Winter hiking means wearing fun toe socks! It's just one reason for taking a winter hike.

To decide if these socks are for you, read a review of them here.

Want to burn more calories? Take a winter hike. For more great reasons to hike in the winter, visit Hiking For Her.

Why winter hike?

To burn some calories!

And to enjoy an extra dose of hiking chocolate.

Winter hiking gives you peace and quiet. Lots more reasons to hike a winter trail!




Solo hikers know what I'm talkin' about.

Experience it for yourself on a winter hike!

Yummy tree icicles! Just one of the reasons for taking a winter hike.

Seriously? You need to stay hydrated even when you don't feel thirsty - so don't pass up those free fir-sicles.

  • Read about more ways to keep your hydration levels high here.

Winter hiking safety tip: Don't wake up the bears! Lots more tips for a winter hike at Hiking For Her.

Being bear aware is necessary at other times of the year, though.

Need some tips for hiking in bear country when summer rolls around again? Right here!

Solitude on a winter hike is likely. Need more reasons for winter hiking?

Be sure your weather window for safe winter hiking is a good one!

Or you'll wish you were on the couch napping, too.

But when you're prepared with warm layers, the right food and beverages, and great winter hiking gear, you'll have things all to yourself.

  • Reward enough for your efforts, no?

Get in shape for summer hiking by taking a winter hike. Need more reasons for winter hiking? Here they are!

Pre-hike conditioning and strength training is always a great idea, especially if you plan to tackle a long trail next season.

Why winter hike?
Eight great reasons!

Winter hiking is a fantastic way to get outdoors when the cold weather hits, for 8 great reasons. #hiking #winterhiking #hikeinwinter #coldweatherhikes

That's it!

Hiking For Her's 8 reasons why winter hike adventures are just as much fun as summer hike adventures (if not more).

I hope at least one of them will resonate with you.

And if you're a "summer only" hiker, perhaps you will be tempted to get out there and give winter hiking a try.

You could always ease into things with spring and fall hiking, using these tips:

Need more answers to
why winter hike?

Send me an email, using this handy CONTACT link.

Also send any questions you have about how to get started.

If you'd like to share your winter hikes, you can do that right here :)

Winter hiking tips
for you

Need more trusty tips for getting yourself ready for a winter hike?

After reading all of that great information about winter hiking equipment and preparation, you'll be ready with your own answer when people ask, right?


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