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The Clymb Outdoor Gear:
Should You Consider
This Way To Shop Online?

By Diane Spicer

I've been using The Clymb outdoor gear shopping experience for several years, so it's past time to share a few thoughts about it with you.

Hence, this The Clymb outdoor gear review.

As always, to be fully transparent, let me explain my history with The Clymb.


I'm always on the prowl for great hiking, camping, and winter sports gear.

And when I received an invitation to join The Clymb, I did.

  • The process to join is free, and easy.
  • Details to follow...

Because I'm satisfied with my experience over the years with these folks, I decided to become an affiliate.

That means the same thing for both of us:

  • great gear shopping and some incredible bargains.

It also means that if you purchase gear using this link, Hiking For Her receives a small percentage of your purchase price.

It costs you nothing extra, but means the world to HFH because it allows the free trustworthy hiking tips to keep flowing through cyberspace.

And that gets more hikers on the trail. Life is good!

No one asked me to share my experience with The Clymb, it's just what I do when something is working well for me and I want to pass it along to you.

So what does The Clymb
offer you?

The idea is simple:

The Clymb puts a variety of outdoor gear in front of you every day, with marked down prices on some of the best brands in the outdoor industry.

  • Does up to 70% off top notch brands grab your attention?

On any given day there will be a wide selection of brands that may be new to you, too.

And there's great news for cross-over outdoor enthusiasts:

  • You can enjoy shopping for your favorite snow sports, cycling, climbing, fitness and water activities, too.
Female hiker with heavy leather boots and backpack sitting on a boulder in a mountain meadowGet everything you need for hiking at The Clymb, and save a lot of money in the process!

What makes The Clymb
outdoor gear shopping experience
a little different?

There are two things you need to know about how to access the amazing gear deals The Clymb offers every week.

You need to sign up first,
and sign in each time

The Clymb uses a free membership approach to offering their deals to you.

The first time you visit, you need to decide on a password.

After that, your access is fast and free using your password.

Think of it like a hiking gear treasure hunt!

I could look at hiking gear all day long.

  • I'm guessing you're like me, or you wouldn't be reading a review of how to use The Clymb outdoor gear shopping experience.

So you're in for a treat when you join this private retail community.

Their emails are chock full of deals you just have to check out.

And if you keep a "gotta have" gear list like I do, The Clymb will cut short your search time.

What's a "gotta have" list?

You know!

Stuff that:

  • broke on your last hike or trip, and needs to be replaced before you go out again;
  • doesn't fit any more;
  • can't be repaired with duct tape any longer (seat of your favorite rain pants, perhaps?);
  • someone borrowed and who knows when or if you'll get it back;
  • has an improved design or new features so it's time to upgrade;
  • you need as you transition into a new type of outdoor pursuit, say from summer hiking to cold weather backpacking or snowshoeing.

All of these reasons explain why I shop at The Clymb!

Any down sides to The Clymb
outdoor gear?

It might not qualify as a "down side", but these deals are time sensitive in two different ways.

First, they only last for a few days, which means you should check every few days if you're watching for a particular item to come along.

  • I devote five fun minutes a day to checking out what's new. You never know!
  • Expect new deals every day, and double check the expiration date of the deals you're interested in.

And once you do spot That Piece Of Gear, you need to jump on it.

The Clymb does not keep an inventory, meaning that once it's gone, it's gone.

And therein lies another potential problem: back orders. The thing you absolutely need might be delayed in reaching you if the supplier can't ship it fast.

  • Keep this in mind if you're on a deadline.
  • But also keep in the mind the steep discount for this gear, and shop as far ahead for a critical item as possible.
  • Back orders have not been a personal problem, but I did want to mention it to avoid disappointment.

Are you a brand loyal hiker?

If that describes your style of outdoor gear buying, you need to scan the list of brands which The Clymb offers you.

It's highly likely that your favorites will be on the list!

I know that mine are, with great selections of outdoor gear, active clothing, and sometimes a few goodies to treat myself.

  • It's also one of the places I rely on to purchase gifts for friends and family.

Staying open minded is a great way to fall in love with new, lesser known brands, too! It's a treasure hunt, right?

Green hiking backpack with trekking poles on trailGet the gear you need to get yourself out there!

Sizing tip for shopping The Clymb

Because The Clymb handles high volumes of overstock active clothing, you might have consistently great luck here if you're a size XS or XL.

But wait, there's more!

The Clymb offers adventure tour packages, too.

If you have a hiking bucket list, their list of tours might match up with yours!

The pricing of these tours will vary, depending upon location and length of trip, so I'd be surprised if you didn't find something to fit your budget and schedule.

Even better: you can score excellent travel gear and clothing at steeply discounted prices after you select your tour.

The Clymb outdoor gear
review conclusions

I'm picky about my hiking and camping gear.

And I love bargains.

  • The Clymb pulls together both of those personality traits into one sweet spot.

And it's high time that I shared it with you!

For the current best deals on outdoor gear and clothing, .

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