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Best Backpacking And Hiking
What You Really Need
To Get Started

By Diane Spicer

Find everything you need to know to select the best backpacking and hiking equipment at Hiking For Her. #hiking #backpacking #outdoorgear #hikingclothing #backpackingessentials

So glad you're here! Finding the best backpacking and hiking equipment is never easy.

It's an especially daunting endeavor to decide on a gear list when you're just getting started in the wonderful outdoor sport of hiking.

You can shortcut your planning and shopping time, and get onto the trail in comfort and safety, with the trustworthy tips on gear, clothing and other backpacking and hiking equipment shared freely here on Hiking For Her.

To make your life even easier, let's get some links organized by topic.

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Backpacking and hiking equipment:
basic needs

Backpacking is definitely hiking.
Yet hiking can be completely devoid of backpacking.

However, there is a large amount of overlap in the basic equipment used for both of these outdoor sports called walking.

So we will split our recommendations into hiking tips, aimed at beginners who day hike, and backpacking tips for those who stay out at least one night on the trail.

First, let's tackle what to wear on a hike.

Hiking clothing

To get started as a prepared and comfortable day hiker, you'll need some moisture wicking, breathable clothing which protects your skin against abrasions, insects, ultraviolet rays, and temperature changes.

Hiking footwear

Backpacking clothing

Because backpackers plan to stay outdoors for days and nights at a time, it's important for them to choose well constructed, durable rain gear.

Keeping cool or warm, depending on the changing weather conditions and time of day, is also a top priority.

Day hikers with an eye on becoming backpackers should take care to build a good clothing repertoire as well.

Backpacking footwear

Choosing the right backpack

Choosing the right hiking food
for a dayhike

Choosing the right trail nutrition
for backpacking trips

Backpacking and hiking equipment:

A day hiker uses clothing and the surroundings for shelter against a sudden storm, be it of wind, rain, dust or hail.

Explore the links above to make careful choices of the best hiking clothing.

You can also carry some survival gear to enhance your shelter options.

Dayhiking shelter

Backpacking shelter options

If you're a minimalist, ultralight backpacker, a tarp will be all you need in terms of shelter - if you're willing to get cold and wet, if not damp and chilled depending upon the season.

You have other options, though:

Backpacking and hiking equipment:

Day hike safety tips

Backpacking safety

Backpacking and hiking equipment:

Comfort means feeling good in your hard working hiking body, both at the beginning of the day and just before you turn in for the night.

Good trail hygiene is an important part of comfort. And it avoids trouble such as infected insect bites, inflamed skin or eyes, or worse.

And while it's a comfort item, carrying clean water in adequate amounts can also be filed under safety.

Dayhike comfort tips

Backpacking comfort tips

Backpacking and hiking equipment:

Day hiking fun

Backpacking fun

Backpacking and hiking
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